Market Research Tester

Market Research Tester

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A hassle free sustainable sanitary pad- wear while on your period then wash and go. Available in three colours and three different absorbency levels. 

We are only confident of the pad fit for size 8-12 at the moment. The other sizes are in development and we can't wait to be able to make a pad for everyone! To keep up to date with our product developments, sign up to our mailing list or join our Facebook Group

Unsure how many to buy? 
Buy one pad for every day of your period.
Change the insert as many times as you'd change your pad usually throughout the day. So if you normally use four pads a day, buy four inserts. 

Soluble bags are for storing your used inserts and pads in before you wash them if you're worried about smells or squeamish about blood. Part of the bag will dissolve in the washing machine so you don't have to touch the used pad but it still gets clean. 

Read more about the pads here or if you have any questions, email us on or call 07816435568. 

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