Magnetic Fastening Sustainable Sanitary Pad Tester

Magnetic Fastening Sustainable Sanitary Pad Tester


Our sustainable sanitary pads will help you reclaim your body, reduce your waste by up to 97% and fund a good cause!

Please note these are testers and the £20 payment for this item is a deposit, which we will refund on receiving your feedback.

The sustainable sanitary pads aren’t yet suitable for everyone, please see below for more information.

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How it works

Only buy if you fit our criteria

Eventually, we will have a sustainable sanitary pad for people of every different size and period, but for these early stages while we're still working on our products, we have a few guidelines in place. You must be: 

  • Size 8-12
  • Light - heavy periods - please don't buy this product if you have extra heavy periods or normally need a long/night pad

Pay £20 deposit

Everyone will pay £20 deposit, regardless of which product you choose (which colour, absorbency and whether you choose to use soluble bags). Everyone will receive one liner and three inserts. Your deposit will be refunded once we receive your feedback. 

Get your sustainable sanitary pad

Some of the pads will be made to order as we are making such a limited amount, so you will receive your order in two weeks or less.

Use your sustainable sanitary pad! Discover how good it feels to use a product that's better for the environment, breathable and not full of chemicals which irritate your skin. If you have any problems or  are unsure of anything, please email us

Fill in the feedback form 

We will email you a feedback form to fill in two weeks after you've received your tester - please fill this in with as much detail as possible! Your feedback is crucial for Proud Pads to move on to the next stage of our business. 

Get your deposit back

Please fill in the feedback form within 6 weeks, or your deposit won't be refunded. We know all bodies are different and periods can be unpredictable sometimes, so if you don't have your period in those 6 weeks or aren't able to use your Proud Pads for whatever reason, please contact us and we'll keep your deposit safe. 

Want a free tote bag? 

As an added extra, you can get a FREE Bloody Radicals tote bag if you make a video diary while you use your tester Proud Pads. Please email us if you want to take advantage of this special offer.