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Join a community of daring women who use socially conscious sanitary pads. We give you a fresh perspective on eco friendly period products that are trustworthy, comfortable and easy to use.

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Bold period products with a witty, playful aesthetic

Not just a pretty face: sanitary pads that are comfortable, reliable and easy to use

Reduce your period waste and help improve the lives of people in poverty

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Proud Pads was created with social consciousness running through its' veins. We started the company with one purpose: to create a socially and environmentally conscious business that sells a great product. 

Laura realised that our great product would be eco friendly sanitary pads when she couldn't find any which were accessible, easy to use and fashionable for her backpacking trip in Asia.

Proud Pads' vision is: 

To give women choice in how they express themselves

To create a community for women to break down the taboo around menstruation

To provide dignified, nurturing and fulfilling lives for people living in poverty

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