Meet our Founder

Our founder, Laura, studied Fashion Design at university and worked in the industry designing sportswear garments. She learned everything about garment making, from research to design to pattern cutting to sewing. She is now using her creativity and garment construction knowledge to make you a sanitary pad that fits better, performs better and treats the environment better. 


Laura loves listening to people's stories and is passionate about fighting for social justice. She was able to fulfil a life-long dream in 2016 when she interned with a women's empowerment fashion company in India. Wondering how to responsibly dispose of her sanitary pads while in India, Laura realised there was a gap in the market for our product. 


A company with a conscience

Proud Pads' vision is: 

To give women choice in how they express themselves

To create a community for women to break down the taboo around menstruation

To provide dignified, nurturing and fulfilling lives for people living in poverty


It's 2017: why are periods still being censored by the media? We want to create a community of women who are empowered by their periods, not embarrassed. We think the taboo around menstruation is the reason no one is asking for better products: the global sanitary protection market reached $30 billion last year but there have only been three significant innovations in the last century. It's time to speak up and demand menstruation innovation! 

Fight Period Poverty

Proud Pads was created with social consciousness running through its' veins. We started the company with one purpose: to create with a great product that gives back. Some women in the UK have to choose between buying food and buying period products; we will provide them with better choices than that by donating one pad for every five we sell to No More Taboo's Period Poverty programme. 

Save the Earth

A whopping 200,000 tonnes of sanitary waste is created in the UK each year. Switching to Proud Pads could reduce your period waste by 97%!